Rehabilitation and care

Also in the field of rehabilitation and care we have developed great applications. Below you will find some examples:   

  • Physio Assist

    For a leading provider of computer-based rehabilitation therapies, Q-Tec developed a "Linear Physio Assist." This orthopedic device is used to practice the motion of the knee in a passive way and it’s designed for physiotherapists/ physiotherapy. Through various adjustable programs the knee will be rehabilitated automatically and under ideal conditions. Due to this the therapist can treat multiple patients simultaneously. The “Linear Physio Assist” is  also very suitable for home visits thanks to the strong construction and the light weight (11.5 kg).  



  • Ortho Assists

    Besides the "Physio Assist" Q-Tec also developed other orthopedic devices developed for shoulder, elbow and ankle called "Ortho Assist". These devices are designed to rehabilitate and mobilize stiffened joints quickly by a number of adjustable programs. While one patient is using “Ortho Assist”, the therapist can treat another patient. This saves a lot of precious time. Thanks to the optimal fixation and computer-driven technology an anatomically correct movement is ensured.

  • Electronic page turner - Turny
       Turny                       Developed for Brangs-Heinrich. It has been specially designed for people who cannot turn pages of books themselves. Brangs-Heinrich distributes the Turny all over the world. Since January 1st, 2013 the Turny is distributed by myTurny.
  • Care chairs

    For different clients Q-Tec developed and optimized electro-mechanically adjustable seat frames for various types of care chairs. Innovation, high requirements of functionality and performance (compact lift and tilt mechanisms) played an important role. In addition, Q-Tec developed complete seats. For further information about this seats please take a look at our medical realisations.

  • Lifting system - Kitchen Jack

    In co-operation with Rotero, Q-Tec has developed a universally applicable lifting system. This lifting system, consisting of up to six lifting units, is used, for example, in kitchens, in health care centers or at home where a height-adjustable kitchen unit or cabinet height is desired.

          Kitchen Jack        
  • Easy-Go cane for the visually impaired
    Easy-Go                                          The Easy-Go cane has been designed and developed by Q-Tec. The Easy Go white cane is mounted with a sensor which helps blind and visually impaired people find their way around like a bat. The Easy-Go sensor alerts the user with a tangible signal transmitted in the handle, when they approach an obstacle. In this way, the user can feel when an obstacle is approaching.
  • RCPM
    RCPM         Q-Tec designed the RCPM system for Van Deursen Bed systems. RCPM stands for Rotary Continuous Passive Motion. During the sleep this system creates a swaying movement of the pelvis and lower back. This movement takes care of a recovery of the intervertebral discs and stimulates "soft" tissue such as muscles and skin. The system has an air displacement compression mechanism.      

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