Q-Tec is specialized in the development and production of "Medical Devices". Below you will find a couple
of examples:  

  • Various mobile operation chairs/ tables

    “Mobile surgery is the future”

    Q-Tec has developed various mobile operating chairs/ tables in the past 15 years in close cooperation with its clients and users, but also with patients. High demands on functionality are translated by Q-Tec to technology and physical "electro-mechanical" products. This has been grown into a specialization.


    The most recent product line is the "Innovated Mobile Operating Chair" (iMoc)-series.

    The iMoc|Baroc is suitable for very heavy patients and has been designed for bariatric and general surgery, gynaecology, urology and robotic surgery. 

    The iMoc|Multi is widely applicable for treatments in small spaces and clinical operations in an OR-area. The iMoc|Ophtha offers both optimum comfort to the patient and excellent ergonomics for the medical staff.


  • Accessories for operation tables

    For various clients Q-Tec developed and produced accessories for operating tables. You can think of: rail clamps, rails, foot rests, side rails, anesthesia arm rests, oxygen arches, cover arches, hand controls, hose clamps and battery packs.

  • Surgical chair

    We developed this surgical chair for Rockmed BV in collaboration with Doge Collection BV. This electrical high-low adjustable chair with electrically braked swivel castors and opportunity for hand or foot operation, provides the surgeon maximum mobility and comfort. 


  • Medication trays
    Patient safety first and yet efficient in use!
    In cooperation with OR-employees, insurers and associations we developed a medication tray with a corresponding protocol, called "Q-Check". Nowadays this combination is used in more than 60% of the Dutch hospitals.     

    Q-Tec supplies directly to the market and also develops various trays on customer-specific level.

  • Tools for dental practices

     Dental suction device clamps

    Mobile treatment unit


    Dental treatment unit

    Fixed movable treatment unit

    Both treatment units are suitable for the "Save foil system"

    Patent: Richard Goet, Lighthouse Innovations

  • ENT equipment and accessories

    Among other things, you can think of: electric hot water irrigator, laryngeal mirror preheaters, multipurpose foot pedals and various products that are part of the establishment of ENT treatment rooms.

  • Surgeons’ auto focus glasses
    Autofocusbril                                              This is one of Q-Tec’s own designs. This working prototype was developed following product research which included a feasibility study, development and prototyping.

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