Q-Tec develops mechanical and mechatronic products whereby the end products are mostly assembled from various parts. These parts demand several technical requirements, but also on the used materials and procedures specifications and allowances apply. Q-Tec develops all products and product components according the current guidelines.

Q-Tec has extensive experience in the field of producing, manufacturing and purchasing components. To achieve the best results, we use a wide network of suppliers that we have built over the last 30 years. These contacts are not only located in the Netherlands but our network extends to way beyond (for example: Europe, China, Taiwan and Malaysia).

Also with regard of materials, technologies and the different processes to manufacture and/ or finish products/ product components a lot of knowledge and experience is available. Due to the large variety of applications within the projects we have realized, we always know what combination to use.

To give you an impression of the variety of options, alongside standard purchased parts, from which your product can be assembled, we have made a selection of "ingredients": 

Material:         metal and plastic
Processes:      welding, turning, milling, laser cutting, water jet cutting, punching 
Finishing:     coating, powder coating, painting, anodizing, electroplating, printing, plugging and screening 
Parts:     mechanical, sensors, electronics hard/software, electrical mechanics
Processes:     plastic:injection moulding, vacuum forming, extruding 
      metal:aluminium extrusion 
      miscellaneous:3D printing, coating, prototyping      

If you are not fully convinced yet that we can assist you too in making your product (component), please feel free to contact us for more information.

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