In addition to developments in the medical field and in the field of rehabilitation, we also made a number of interesting devices in the laboratory sector: 

  • Linoviewâ„¢ miniSPECT

    Prototypes of the Linoview™ miniSPECT camera were developed in close association with Linoview Systems B.V. and Dr. S. Walrand of the University of Leuven. This miniSPECT camera is an image forming device that produces three-dimensional molecular in-vivo images with an exceptionally high resolution in an extremely short time. The camera is used in pharmacological animal studies: use of this type of device will probably dramatically reduce the number of experimental animals in this form of testing. Q-Tec was responsible for developing all the mechatronic aspects of the camera, as well as its casing.

    Important mechatronic design requirements were the precise manoeuvrability and the high stability; both aspects are necessary for achieving extremely high resolution images. Regular evaluations and approvals were a feature of the development process, which was both efficient and effective. In October 2005 the first prototype of the miniSPECT camera was successfully presented at the EANM Congress 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Metering pump

    By order of Rotero Belgium bvba (member of Rotero Holding), Q-Tec developed a stepper motor electronical driven injection pump which measures out small, precise doses of liquids.


  • Sampler

    Developed for Euroglass Instruments (formerly Thermo Euroglas), Delft. This sampler automatically injects samples from bottles into an analyser. Five different processes are integrated into one device.




  • Photofinishing device

    We have developed various apparatuses for Techno Tape, a company active in the photographic industry. Examples of the products are photo-finish equipment, film checkers, photo control tables, rinsing units etc. The image shows a development machine; tailor made equipment especially designed to wind bobbins ranging in size from 100 meter tape and 6mm, to 5000 meters and 6 cm wide, zigzag at high speed, taking the fragility of the material into account.



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