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Q-Tec was founded by R. Jansen in the year 1985. The drawing office and workplace were located in Baarn but after a decade Q-Tec and her team moved to Soest. Together with  sister company DIS Sensors they settled in a building at the Oostergracht.

As a result of the growth of both DIS Sensors and Q-Tec the premises got too small and the own production area and warehouse space provided insufficient capacity for Q-Tec. Therefore they started searching for new quarters again. Eventually, in 2008, the whole team moved to the Industrieweg (Soest), to a building with an area of 1,100 m2In that same year, Q-Tec became part of Rotero Holding.

In the early years of Q-Tec, we developed a lot of products for various branches; from cake server to equipment. With the knowledge we already had from the dental industry, the past 15 years our focus moved to dental and operating chairs. Nowadays we mainly focus on product development, realization and manufacturing of products and product components for applications in the medical field. But also for developments in other sectors, you have come to the right place!      Q-Tec

The primary role of Q-Tec is to translate the need of the customer to appropriate, physical solutions. When we develop products we aim at quality and efficiency. Important areas of interest for the final result are functionality, security, usability and design.

Our core values
At Q-Tec, we feel strongly about the following core values:

Developing products puts great pressure on designers to find the optimal solution for the design issue and the technical solution. Q-Tec provides this expertise, developing creative and innovative solutions. Q-Tec is well known for its mechatronics applications.

Result driven
Q-Tec’s focus is always on achieving your aims. Cost efficiency, yield and time to market are the base of all our developments. Technical issues are solved practically and effectively, based on Q-Tec’s knowledge, experience and craftsmanship.

You require reliable partners for your development. Q-Tec review your aims and requirements professionally before starting the project. We are extremely committed and achieve optimal results by communicating interactively throughout the project.

Q-Tec is a member of Metaalunie (the Dutch organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises in the metal industry) and the OOM (Training and Development fund for metal working). Further we are an official training company for students.

Q-Tec bv  |  Oostergracht 40  |  3763 LZ Soest
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