Published: new mobile operating table are ideal for surgeons, patients and nursing staff

Vitalys, an obesity clinic in the Netherlands, recently purchased five iMoc Baroc operation tables. Baroc is a mobile operation chair/table (suitable for very heavy patients) designed for bariatric and general surgery, gynaecology, urology and robotic surgery and is equipped with electrically controlled drive assistance. Within this project Q-Tec is responsible for the development process and assembly. Vitalys published an article mentioning the advantages iMoc Baroc has to offer.

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New mobile operating table are ideal for surgeons, patients and nursing staff

Vitalys has developed an adjusted operating table in collaboration with DOCKX Medical bv for obese patients. Vitalys recently purchased five of these tables. They are the first clinic in the Netherlands to do so. The iMoc Baroc benefits patients, surgeons and other surgical staff. Amongst other things, the table allows for better positioning, is easier to move and provides more freedom of movement around the table for surgical staff.

Easy transition to the operation room

“The patient gets into the chair themselves before going in for the surgery. A nurse can then wheel the patient to the operating room without any help from their colleagues", explains nurse Renate Jolink. “We used to call in patient transport to help and they used a bed mover. The chairs are easy to use. You can even push it using just two fingers. This means I can also collect a patient from the OR by myself. This is quicker and more efficient as you are less reliant on other people. The electric fifth wheel on the bed means that moving the bed is not a strain for nursing staff.  

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